Labour and the centre-left

Leaving Labour

Ends and means
Social democrats have every right to reject Corbynite guilt-tripping (28 July 2019)

Red lines
Someday, I hope there will once again be an anti-racist, internationalist, reliably constitutional social democratic party worth joining (24 August 2018)

Policy and strategy

Give the voters credit
Don’t disdain the voters if they focus on character and credibility more than any single policy. They’ve got a point (24 December 2019)

Exciting vision or doctor’s mandate? The problem for the centre-left
Clearly, Labour members and quite a few British voters want to be inspired. Unfortunately, damage limitation doesn’t have much of a heroic arc (8 May 2018)

Dissenting Labour
I can’t be a quiet loyalist when faced with a leadership with whom I fundamentally disagree (28 June 2017)

The case for gradualism
Or why it’s worth taking Nuneaton with you (13 August 2015)

Or why Nuneaton has a point (9 August 2015)


Labour’s despairing dissenters
It makes most members angry. And the dissenters’ plight gets worse. Short of leaving, what else can they do? (31 March 2018)

On putting our house in order (30 April 2016)

Foreign policy

NATO: on solidarity
Collective security is vital. Britain could never separate itself if it broke down. Even if it could, it would be appalling to abandon our friends and allies (13 January 2017)

On double standards
Double standards are often unavoidable. It is sad indeed that, in the name of a more ethical foreign policy, parts of the left wish to add so many more (20 January 2016)

To Jeremy, on Syria
I believe the UK should support the multilateral military effort in Syria as well as Iraq. I would prefer Labour MPs to be whipped to support this (28 November 2015)

Leadership elections

Voting records, Labour leaderships and anti-politics
If you paint politics as a cesspit, don’t be surprised if the new politics ends up nastier and narrower than the old (9 September 2016)

A letter to the Labour left
There are two candidates from the Labour Left in this election. One cannot speak to the country as a whole; the other is champing at the bit to try (3 August 2016)

Why Jeremy Corbyn cannot lead
We need to remove Corbyn. Not to solve our problems, but to start to try and solve them (25 July 2016)

How I voted for the Labour leadership
We have to face up to why people rejected us and address their fears. I hope the Labour Party will remember that when we make our choice (31 August 2015)


Organise and divide?
Belated musings after the J30 strike (14 July 2011)