EU: before 23 June 2016

Blogs about Brexit policy from after 23 June 2016 can be found here.

Brexit, borders, smoke and mirrors
It’s completely fair to raise immigration as an issue. But it’s not OK to peddle promises you can’t or won’t keep in order to score a point (8 June 2016)

Brexit and the excluded middle
Britain already has a middle ground, because we had a seat at the table and a vote on the rules. If we walk away, don’t expect us to pull it off a second time (14 May 2016)

Physician, heal thyself
Britain, democracy and the EU (27 March 2016)

In Europe, on principle
The EU embodies a fine and precious ideal. It has changed the way Europeans deal with each other and helped spread democracy across Europe (25 February 2016)

The single market
You can’t write the rules of the game on your own (3 January 2013)

If I were an MP in today’s EU debate
We have failed to make the case for Europe to many of our fellow citizens. This is our job: I hope the House will reject the motion and then start doing it (24 October 2011)